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A little bit about us

My story on how and why I started Miss Bow Peek was simply seeking a little "me time". All mums know that we need a break from the daily routine from time to time, to recharge and spend some productive play with our children. Their nap time was my time and set up the sewing machine. It’s funny really, because my mother purchased this machine years ago and I never used it until my daughter joined the world (she must have known something). My Mother is an amazing seamstress, she makes girls vintage style clothing for under 5years. Mum would sell her clothing at local markets. The whole experience felt right to me and I needed to be part of it. I was inspired to do something I could manage at my own pace, so I started making head ties and later extended to turbans. It wasn't long before Mum and I set up a stall at our local craft markets together.  My next step was to choose my business name and thanks to my beautiful little Miss Model (now 3 years old) who would hide under blankets or behind curtains to play her favourite game Peek a Boo. It was easy really so Miss Bow Peek was born.

Miss Bow Peek - Drawing.jpg

Gretta Lynn

I took an interest in sewing at a very early age. In my teens I was lucky enough to be accepted for a 3 year training course in Couture Fashion Wear. It was hard work, paying attention to minute detail and at first, did a lot of unpicking! Those training years established the back ground for opportunities to work for some amazing people in the fashion world.

This changeover from adult to kids clothing, well, I absolutely love it and have had fun selling at local markets. I needed help in my display and who better to ask than my daughter to use her professional knowledge acquired in years of retail merchandising. Her interest grew into my interest. I took her fabric shopping (now a favourite past-time) to select fabrics. It wasn't long before she had a good supply of lovely headbands and joined me for her first market.

It works well for us to be together on market days complimenting each other's range so I am delighted to be able to join my daughter on her Miss Bow Peek web site. Most of my works are one offs, because I don’t normally purchase metres of the same fabric. I put a lot of time and care into each garment and have appreciated the lovely comments I have received. There is always something exciting about each newly finished garment. Please feel free to ask a question whether it is about size or material.

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