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Sizing for our Head ties:
The measurements below will give you a great indication for you to choose the right size for yourself or your little one. If you are an inch above or below the measurement then you it will fit. 

We only choose fabrics with a good stretch in it.

         Size                   Measurement 

  • 0-3 Month .............fits 13 Inch

  • 3-6 Month..............fits 15 Inch 

  • 6-12 Month............fits 16 Inch 

  • 1-5 Years...............fits 18 Inch 

  • 6 Yrs-Adult.............fits 20 Inch

(Width is 6 cm approx except for 0-3 Months where the width is 4.5 cm approx)

They are made to be completely adjustable, by untying and knotting at the desired length. All topknots are 6cm (approx) in width, with stretch - perfect to cover those little ears and keep them warm during the cooler months too! The trick on the smallest of our Babes is to tie the knot loosely and tuck the excess material away either behind the knot or band, the bigger your wee babe grows the less material will be left over after creating the topknot.

We recommend you take the next size up if your babe's age is close to the next size or if they have very thick/curly hair. If you are unsure whether your wee one will fit the topknot, measuring head circumference is a great tool! If you fancied getting creative with the knots, there are many you-tube videos out there that can show you lots of ways your wee babe can sport their head wear!

Should your fabric topknot need a clean, please hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry. Our soft nude headbands and bows are to be spot cleaned with cold water only.

Important Safety Message:
Please ensure your little baby is never left wearing their head wear unattended or whilst sleeping as they can be a suffocation or choking hazard. 

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