Adult Reusable Mask/Face Covering

Adult Reusable Mask/Face Covering


These items are handmade by Miss Bow Peek and Grettalynn feel free to message me with any questions. Please note that the fabric was pre washed and it is recommended to wash the mask before wearing. Please read though below instruction on how to wear and clean the mask.


This mask is double layer of 100% cotton and has ear loops made from lyric fabric. These masks have a filter pocket for you to insert filters. A filter does not come with this item but you can easily use coffee filters, dry wet wipes and a Kleenex. (Throw the filters away once it has been used). These masks are not medical grade.


Face Masks must be changed every 3-4hr so it pays to buy a few so you have a clean one ready to use.


A masks helps prevent droplets spreading when someone speaks, laughs, coughs or sneezes. Masks are an extra protective physical barrier to help keep people safe. A Mask will not stop you from getting Covid-19. Staying home, social distancing and washing your hands will.


Wearing a mask does not remove the need for physical distancing,


Please read below instructions carefully on how to put on, remove and clean a mask.


How to wear a mask safely

When you wear a face covering, it's important you use it safely. This advice applies to both bought and handmade face coverings. Never share face coverings with other people.


How to put on a mask

Check your face covering. Make sure it is clean, dry and not damaged. Clean your hands before you put on your face covering by using either soap, water or hand sanitiser (at least 60% alcohol). Place the face covering over your nose and mouth, then secure it with ties or ear loops. The face covering should fully cover your nose, mouth and chin. The fit should be comfortable and allow you to breathe easily as well as feel secure against the side of your face. Clean your hands again.


How to remove and clean a mask

Clean your hands before you put on your face covering by using either soap, water or hand sanitiser (at least 60% alcohol). Take your face covering off from behind and pull it away from your face. Use the loops or untie it. Do not touch the front of the face covering, and be careful not to touch your eyes, nose or mouth. Throw away any removable filters inside your face covering in the bin. Do not reuse filters.


CLEANING: After every wear you must clean your mask/face coverings by washing them in a washing machine with detergent at 60 degrees Celsius. Dry the face covering completely before you use it again. Do not use a damp face covering. Do not tumble dry. You may experience skink age after the first wash. Clean your hands again.

  • Policy

    Due to hygiene reasons, these face masks are non-refundable.